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We wish for all people who suffered from the earthquake in Hokkaido to recover as soon as possible. We wish for all people who suffered from the typhoon to recover as soon as possible.

Royal Greenland Japan


The art of Danish "hygge"

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Greenland halibut


Processing for the quality conscious Japanese market takes great care and attention to detail – especially when it comes to food safety. Therefore Royal Greenland's production facilities are run according to strict quality demands and principles and are audited by external personnel regularly.

Our seafood

Royal Greenland is one of the leading seafood Groups in the world. For more than 200 years, we have brought seafood from the oceans of the world to your plate.

Cold-water prawns


By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court


Royal Greenland Japan was established in 1988 and was in the beginning, only selling raw materials to industrial customers. However, our organisation quickly developed, considering the Japanese preference for high quality seafood. Especially Greenland halibut, prawns and snow crab is appreciated by the quality conscious Japanese customers.

About Royal Greenland

Welcome to our world of seafood - learn more about the Royal Greenland Group here.