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The mackerel is appreciated for its flavoursome and juicy meat around the world, and is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids

Although mackerel is enjoyed on tables around the world, the species is relatively new in the Royal Greenland assortment.

Lately, large stocks of mackerel have been observed around East Greenland and Royal Greenland has been granted fishing rights for these stocks by the Government of Greenland. We are very excited of the perspectives in this fishery and hope to be able to offer our customers a diverse range of high quality mackerel products in the near future.

The fishery takes place using purse seine – a large wall net is set around a shoal of fish, gathered in the bottom to close in the fish and then dragged on board. A very efficient method for pelagic fish species, such as the mackerel.

The mackerel is known for is full flavours and high content of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids . It is delicious served both raw, in sushi/sashimi, and cooked. The full flavour works well with strong spices and herbs.

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